From Passion to Reality …

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the world of horses. I was still a little girl when my grandfather taught me how to horseback-ride. He shared my enthusiasm and curiosity for these wonderful creatures and promised to get me a horse of my own for my 18th birthday. Regrettably, he didn’t live to see that day. He lost his life in a tragic accident.

When I lost my grandfather, I lost a person who was deeply important to me. And yet, my passion for horses never left me. Quite to the contrary. And more and more, my dream of owning my own horse grew alongside with my fervent enthusiasm for what are most probably the most beautiful horses in the world: the Arabians.

A Dream Comes True.

And I worked hard to realise my dream: at the age of 18, I was finally able to afford my very own first horse, an Arabian mare named Aki. Today, I am the proud and happy proprietress of a small yet very exclusive Arabian horse breeding operation.